B for Backache

Backache is a surprisingly common condition that often requires complete bed rest. This affects both the individual sufferer, and the country as a whole – working days lost due to back pain damage the British economy by an estimated £12.3 billion a year. Men are more likely to suffer back pain than women but both sexes can benefit from a variety of self-help measures and professional treatment.

Some people choose to lie on the floor with a pillow under their knees while watching TV, while others invest in an orthopaedic mattress for their bed. Chiropractic treatment is another option, and offers an evidence-based approach to acute and chronic back pain.

I believe that the source of back pain can be found in past life events and behavioral or mental patterns we adopt. Posture is very important – the way we sit defines our emotions, and our emotions define the way we sit. Equally key to back health are an ergonomic office environment, regular exercise and a healthy diet.

As human beings our body is upright which means that we are more vulnerable than animals because we bear weight on just two extremities. As a result, however, we also benefit from the openness, responsiveness and freedom of the arms. The back holds together the whole body and provides flexibility.

We react to everything that happens to us with our whole body, making repeated imprints in our cells. Some of us accumulate and suppress the tension that is created when we respond to challenging situations. When we experience back pain we have to examine this uprightness and what flexibility (both physical and mental) means to us. Maybe we believe in an idea very strongly and refuse to look around and accept others?

With any spinal restriction we should examine the organs and/or nerves that may also be affected by the misalignment. Backache is more complex than it appears and needs to be investigated thoroughly.

Relaxation can also help. Imagine you scan through your body like a spotlight in the theatre. Without trying to judge or achieve anything, observe what is there. This kind of quality focus will help you to become aware of  and gradually offload any tension you are storing in your body.

Further resources:
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Back pain blog – visualization is not part of the basic Autogenic Training exercise as this article states, but the standard exercise alone is also helpful in releasing tension.

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