I am willing to change


Many of us want change to happen but if we dig a bit deeper it becomes obvious that we don’t want to change.

We might try something new and drop it a few weeks later saying ‘it’s far too boring’ or ‘it wasn’t right for me’ or ‘I will try it when the weather gets better’ or with a similar excuse.

To prevent this to happen (and all the emotional burden around), it is always worth to examine our intention and decision behind change.

* Do you want to change because your family thinks it will be better?
* Do you want to change to show to world you are capable?
* Did you see a film or commercial that made you think you should or shouldn’t do something?
* Or do you want to change because you appreciate yourself and so you would like to improve?

If you look at the underlying emotions they can be
* fear
* desire
* anger
* pride
or a mixture of these. When you catch yourself saying or thinking ’I don’t think I can’ or “I am not sure’ or ‘I want to prove myself’ or ‘what will others think’ or ‘if I do this they will love me more’ its almost certain that one of the above is running the software in your head.

If you can transform them to
* courage
* acceptance
* love
you start from a place where you can fully concentrate on and observe the relevant details. You are free from worry and communicating your needs flows naturally. Your actions inspire others around.

Take some time to examine the intention behind the topic you chose to change a few days ago.

I am always happy to respond to any questions you may have, so please feel free to contact me.

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