If we do not change our direction…



How to find the right direction in life?

I am not sure I discovered the ultimate answer to this question, but like to think that I am not the only person exploring this topic.

Have you ever asked yourself ‘What should I do?’ only to think about ‘What if I chose the other option?’ right after you made that decision? Have you ever felt guilty about your decision and no matter what you were doing you felt as if you ‘should’ be doing something else?

Let me tell you that there is no real ‘should / shouldn’t / should have done’. Your are totally adequate for all situations and respond the best possible way. However, when you have the little voice in your head saying ‘something just doesn’t feel right’ that’s a clear sign of change being on the doorstep.

You can force yourself keep going the old way, but soon will realize that your anxiety and stress level increased and your fulfillment and happiness level decreased. Stiffness in the body also indicates that you need to work on your flexibility not only in the body but also in your mind. Exploring a more flexible approach will only make things easier.

Here are a few things that you can keep in mind, so making decisions about change and going through the process of change becomes a more enjoyable experience:

* Over-thinking is not helpful. The well-known Nike slogan ‘just do it’ comes very handy when you start change. No matter how intelligent or spiritually aligned you are or how many degrees you have, you won’t be able to predict the outcome of a decision with 100% accuracy.

* Quiet your mind and listening to your inner wisdom / gut feeling is the most accurate compass. The mind will always try to interfere and come up with all sorts of reasons, doubts, questions and facts why you should wait longer and not make that decision to change. If you can let go this voice, you will be able to take a step towards your goal – one small step at a time.

* ‘Informed decision’ wont be better than the decision you make when you are listening to your inner wisdom. When you listen to this inner voice you can drop someone else’s ideas of the way things ‘ought to be’ and continue on your new path.

By taking one small step at a time, and realizing that you have the answer within, you can find the right direction in your life. It will work out just fine, and can help you go through the change process.

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