Recovering from #Covid is a very slow process, surprisingly slow.

As this is something sadly many of us have already been through or will go through, I wanted to share my journey and hope it can provide comfort and help to many people.

I tested positive on 31st Dec, started out with mild symptoms that escalated on the first week of January so that the ambulance had to pay a visit. It was a shock  – from leading an active life to not being able to stay standing for 5 sec, having a torturing headache combined with other symptoms.

When Covid positive, it’s easy to go down the anxiety route rooted in media headlines, but we all have an #immunesystem and the body is capable to deal with this. Of course I had anxious thoughts, still went through the initial shock and ‘what if’ questions. But as the worst part passed I had a bit of headspace to think through what I can do to get better. Throughout my recovery (am still off work and resting) there were a few things that helped me:

1. Family members and friends messaging, calling, checking in – although I haven’t been able to respond to all, they meant a lot and was comforting to know that so many people kept an eye on me – huge thank you to all of you.

2. Lots of liquid – herbal tea, water, soup all helped me to get better and stronger.

3. REST and RELAXATION – no matter how much I rested I felt fatigued. I wanted to move / walk / practice yoga but simply couldn’t and had to listen to the ‘can’t’ part this time.  I found practicing #autogenictraining and #meditation helpful – they reminded me to trust in my body’s #self-healing ability. After practicing various #relaxation techniques for 15+ years the body mind connection still amazes me.

4. Higher dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, healthy food like goji and acai berry, cutting dairy products from my diet. There were 4 days when I couldn’t eat but since then I crave avocado, broccoli, lychee and orange. You may need something else, so listen to your body and it will tell you what it needs.

5. Gentle stretching – if you are able to. There was a week when I wasn’t able to move but after that gentle #Yinyoga movements, opening the chest or the hips, working on meridian lines felt great. First I was able to do 5 mins only and I would absolutely recommend taking it easy and again listening to what your body needs.

6. Don’t overdo it – this is the most challenging part. As soon as I felt like having some energy I went for a walk – and 1.2km left me so tired that I was lying in bed for the rest of the day. Unfortunately I overdid it yesterday again, and truly felt it this morning. Please don’t follow my example but instead ask for help. Your friends can run a few errands for you.

I hope it helps many people to feel less anxious – please feel free to share this post. Its important to remember that there are always resources available – practice tuning in and connecting with you body and mind to better understand what you truly need. If you need any help with relaxation techniques or Autogenic Training please drop me a line. With love, Tekla

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