7-day Simplicity Challenge


Simplicity means different things to different people – some immediately think of minimalism, while others associate the concept with de-cluttering, de-stressing and detoxing on a physical, mental or emotional level.
What does it mean to you?

Background – why I created this challenge

Back in 2010, I decided to fill my weeks with interesting projects and clients – some of them involved volunteering, some of them covered all my bills and the rest concerned developing my business.

To accomplish this, I would fill every minute of the day – I would wake up at 6am, run from one place to another, attend back-to-back meetings or client visits, get home at around 9 or 10pm and would still sit down to write a few follow-up emails in the evening. My Saturdays and Sundays were no different. I thought I had endless amounts of energy, but after 1.5 years with a schedule like this, I was forced to realise that my battery was almost dead.

My perfectionist self was constantly criticizing me, saying ‘I am not good enough’, and setting unrealistically high expectations for myself. I felt exhausted attempting to maintain my social life and meet my friends, and even if I practiced various relaxation techniques (= quality rest), my body cried, ‘you have to stop’.

Exploring simplicity was necessary in my life to prevent burn-out.

In 2012, I learnt the hard way that the quality of my life, my relationships and my business depend significantly on my state of mind – how I feel will have an effect on everything I do and everyone I meet. If I don’t look after myself, how can I offer a listening ear to my clients, or quality time to my friends? I realised that taking care of myself is not selfish.

I am sure that I am not the only one to ride the perfectionism wave – so I challenge you now, for the sake of yourself and your wellbeing.

STOP for a moment.

Take this challenge and examine different aspects of your life, keeping the word SIMPLICITY always at the front of your mind. And don’t worry – this is going to be fun!

There are three 7-day series and you can choose to do only one or all three. Each step is a simple, doable task that will help you shift your perspective and can be completed in 3–10 minutes. Together, these steps will help you get closer to the concept of simplicity and discover what it really means to you, how to apply it to your everyday life and how well you are looking after yourself.

Find a peaceful spot and keep a journal or the note app on your phone handy. You can also choose a friend or family member to be your accountability partner, responsible for keeping you on track during the process.

Without experiencing complexity, you would not long for simplicity. You cannot imagine how important your experience of running around like a headless chicken is in the process of embracing simplicity. Be grateful for that period of your life. But now, it’s time to learn how to balance ‘doing’ and ‘being’.

I began my own journey by gradually giving up certain activities. I stepped down from my role as a Trustee of the British Autogenic Society, stopped working so intensely on setting up Harley Street Reflexology project, and the International Mindfulness in Education project naturally slowed down, so I had less to do.

Embracing simplicity brought surprising things into my life – things that I had never imagined were possible. I gained extra time and energy, experienced life events on a different level, enjoyed better health, more meaningful relationships and overall improved quality of life, and suffered from less stress and anxiety. I simply felt better in my skin.

Wherever you are in your search for a less complicated life, I am sure you can do with less confusion, chaos and craziness. Let me guide you through this challenge so you can enjoy the benefits of a simpler life, too.

How you choose to show up in the world every day is an essential part of your wellbeing.

Join the challenge now!

I hope you enjoy the challenge as much as I enjoyed creating this for you.

With love,

NB.: The process will not finish after your complete this challenge but will give you a solid ground to get the concept of simplicity.

PS: Throughout the process whenever you have any questions please feel free to email or phone me.

PPS: If you enjoy the challenge invite your friends and family members to join