Recovering from #Covid is a very slow process, surprisingly slow. As this is something sadly many of us have already been through or will go through, I wanted to share my journey and hope it can provide comfort and help to many people. I tested positive on 31st Dec, started out with mild symptoms that … More SLOW

The sleep issue

Many people think they can get by with a few hours of sleep but only a few are aware how serious a problem sleep loss really can be. According to the Great British Sleep Survey there are 51.3 per cent of people who have trouble sleeping.   Research shows that people suffering from insomnia face … More The sleep issue

This is my body helping me rise to this challenge…

Change your mind about stress and your body’s response will change too! Kelly McGonigal is a health psychologist who has rethought her whole approach to stress. She says that people who view their stress response as helpful can deal with physical, emotional and mental challenges better.