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This is where your journey to become more balanced and fulfilled starts. All my work is designed to improve performance and empower you to become more resilient to physical, mental and emotional challenges. Find out about my one-on-one consultation services, and read all about my workshops and online programmes.

Complementary 20 Minute Consultation

If you would like more information about how Stress Management Consultations, Autogenic Training or Reflexology can help you achieve your health goals I provide a complementary 20 minute consultation by phone or Skype. A personal chat gives you the chance to tell me what’s happening for you and me the chance to explain how I can help you and what you can expect from the sessions. This also allows us to determine which level of care and package is right for you. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.
There is no charge, it is FREE.

For individuals (face to face or via Skype)

  • One-off stress management consultation
  • Short-term stress/emotion/change resilience consultation (3-6 sessions)
  • Autogenic training course (10-12 sessions including an assessment and follow-up)
  • Reflexology
  • Yoga

For more information about individual sessions please click here.

For groups / corporations

  • One off personal effectiveness / stress management workshop
  • Series of personal effectiveness workshops – key focus on stress-, change-, emotion management and assertiveness
  • Autogenic training group course (12 sessions including an assessment and follow-up)
  • Yoga

For more information on group sessions please click here.

Online resources

  • For individuals suffering from insomnia: how to sleep better in 8 easy steps
  • For students: exam stress-busting course

For more information about online resources please click here.

For universities / colleges / secondary schools

  • One off Exam Stress Management workshop
  • Series of Exam Stress Management workshops (3-6 sessions)

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Please email or phone me for more information about available packages or
tailored packages that 
are specifically adapted to your needs.

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You can also buy GIFT VOUCHERS – a stress management consultation,
a reflexology treatment or a yoga session is a much-appreciated present!