Work with me

This is where your journey to become more balanced and fulfilled starts. All my work is designed to improve performance and empower you to become more resilient to physical, mental and emotional challenges. Find out about my one-on-one consultation services, and read all about my bespoke and online programmes.

Who I work with
You’re a great fit for working with me if you want to address

Feeling exhausted and stressed

Not having enough energy to go through the day / Fatigue

Lost interest in activities you previously enjoyed

Sleep disturbances / Insomnia

Can’t focus at work

Anxiety / panic attacks

Feeling frustrated

Suffer from phobias

High blood pressure

Pain, muscular pain

Headache / Migraine

During pregnancy you would like to learn relaxation for yourself and your baby

What we do together
I help busy professionals to deal with stress and anxiety, become calmer and more confident, able to focus on the projects at hand better and enjoy quality rest. My tailored approach allows us to work with almost any challenging life stage or mental health problem you may be experiencing.
You can choose from the following options

Simple stress solutions 
Assessment + consultation + follow up
This programme is for busy professionals who’re tired of feeling exhausted and stressed and know something needs to change but have no idea where to start. You’ll practice an easy relaxation exercise and leave with a toolkit of simple stress solutions so that you’re armed with practical tips and tricks to feel calmer and more in charge.
To book your place and for more information please click here.

Stress Resilience Programme
Assessment + 6 weekly sessions + follow up 
These sessions are for overworked people who experience some discomfort or regular stress related health issues such as insomnia, headaches, anxiety and high blood pressure for a short period of time and would like to get back their life quality. 
Whether you are new to relaxation or you’ve already tried a few methods this course will help you find a new sense of contentment and navigate through challenging times with more ease. During the course you will learn various relaxation exercises as well the foundation of Autogenic training and get your personalised stress solutions toolkit to help you feel more calm and balanced.
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For individuals

Bespoke – for groups and corporate

  • One off personal effectiveness / stress management workshop
  • Stress Resilience Programme – key focus on personal effectiveness, stress-, change- management, emotional resilience and assertiveness (assessment + 3-6 weekly sessions + follow up)
  • Autogenic training course (10-12 sessions including an assessment and follow-up)
  • Yoga

Online resources

  • For individuals suffering from insomnia: how to sleep better in 8 easy steps
  • For students: exam stress-busting course

For more information about online resources please click here.

For universities / colleges / secondary schools

  • One off Exam Stress Management workshop
  • Series of Exam Stress Management workshops (3-6 sessions)
Please email or phone me for more information about available packages or
tailored packages that are specifically adapted to your needs.