Bespoke – for groups and corporate

Techniques to improve performance by handling stress, overcoming anxiety.

  • One off personal effectiveness / stress management workshop
  • Stress Resilience Programme – key focus on personal effectiveness, stress-, change- management, emotional resilience and assertiveness (assessment + 3-6 weekly sessions + follow up)
  • Autogenic training course (10-12 sessions including an assessment and follow-up)
  • Yoga

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Stress is the most common reason for long-term sick leave and currently robs the economy of around 13 billion pounds a year.

The interactive workshop(s) includes individual and group work, and relaxation, breathing, mindfulness and visualisation exercises that enable participants to tackle stressors from a positive standpoint and build greater resilience to physical and emotional upsets.

The training presents many different practical tips on how to manage stress, emotions, change and challenging situations in a more effective and assertive way, and also 
covers some background theory. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice various exercises that they can incorporate into their daily schedules after the training.

Adapting these relaxation techniques into your life will enable you to focus better, and consequently perform better in any environment. Sessions also include techniques for developing interpersonal and communication skills.

NB: workshops are specifically adapted to your company’s needs. Before the workshop, I usually schedule an initial consultation (via phone / Skype) that gives you the 
opportunity to introduce yourself / your organization and the issues you / your organization are facing. It will also give me the chance to 
explain how I can help you / your organization and what you can expect from the 
training sessions.

Please email or phone me for more information about available packages or tailored packages that 
are specifically adapted to your needs.

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The Autogenic Training course lasts for 10 sessions that include an assessment, 8 weekly sessions during which you will learn shorter (1-2 minutes) and longer (10-15 minutes) relaxation exercises, and a follow up session. The training course involves talking about stress, emotion and change management, the biology background of stress and relaxation, body symbolism and learning the above-mentioned exercises. You will gradually learn how to relax your mind and body in minutes, and you will be able to benefit from these exercises for the rest of your life.

For more information about Autogenic Training, please click here .

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This dynamic style of Yoga (vinyasa) is linking breath to movement while one pose flows into the next. Sequences are put together in a playful way, making sure safe transition, balancing stretching and strengthening, and challenging the body and mind. I am dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable place for everyone to practice, so all have the opportunity to engage with this dynamic meditative flow. Expect to sweat, also leave the room feeling more balanced, nurtured and content in your body and mind.

For more information on Yoga, please click here.