Individual consultations

Techniques to improve performance by handling stress, overcoming anxiety.

Stress management counselling sessions (one session or a short term package of 3-6 sessions) can give you the opportunity to view an issue from a different perspective, and in more depth. It can help you to understand the connections between seemingly totally independent life events, and that in itself has a healing effect.

The session(s) can give you practical tips on how to manage stress, emotions, change and challenging situations in a more effective and assertive way, and also provide some theory background. You will have the opportunity to practice various relaxation exercises that you can incorporate into your daily schedule after the session(s).

When is it recommended to book a consultation?

  • You feel overly stressed / anxious and have no idea what to do about it
  • You cannot sleep properly or notice other stress related symptoms, e.g. breathing difficulties, anxiety, and temper outbursts for no specific reason
  • You’d like to learn more about proactive and reactive stress management techniques
  • You don’t exactly know where to start in dealing with an issue
  • You would like to understand your daily actions, reactions and interactions better and improve your relationships

At the beginning of the consultation(s), we agree on the topic(s) you would like to cover, your objectives, your expectations from the session(s) and the number of sessions you will need. This is called the ‘therapeutic alliance’, during which the client and therapist both take responsibility for working together.

Autogenic Training

The Autogenic Training course lasts for 10 sessions that include an assessment, 8 weekly sessions during which you will learn shorter (1-2 minutes) and longer (10-15 minutes) relaxation exercises, and a follow up session. The training course involves talking about stress, emotion and change management, the biology background of stress and relaxation, body symbolism and learning the above-mentioned exercises. You will gradually learn how to relax your mind and body in minutes, and you will be able to benefit from these exercises for the rest of your life.

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