Online resources

Techniques to improve performance by handling stress, overcoming anxiety.

For Students – Exam Stress-Busting course

This online course focuses on exam stress relief, including more than 40 tips and more than 10 exercises. The techniques offered in the course can help students achieve better focus, mental, physical and emotional preparation, reduction in stress and anxiety and perform better at every future exam. It aims to improve concentration and decrease the stress among students who find hard to deal with.

For individuals suffering from insomnia: ‘How to sleep better in 8 easy steps’ booklet

In this booklet, I will show you how just 10 minutes of relaxation a day can have a positive impact on your well-being. Following the 8 steps will help you sleep better – whether you have a problem with falling asleep and/or waking up during the night, or with waking up super early – and consequently find a bit of calm in your everyday life.