Simple Stress Solutions


You advance fast in your career, yet you’re tired of feeling exhausted and stressed, not having enough energy to go through the day and losing interest in activities you previously enjoyed. You know something needs to change but have no idea where to start.
You can’t sleep at night no matter how tired you are. You feel like your brain is in a fog – you can’t recall the last time you made a decision about what you wanted for dinner quickly. You’re constantly forgetting what you wanted to say next and can’t focus on your projects at work. You’re afraid of losing your job and worry that your forgetfulness and lack of focus will lead to a huge mistake. Added to this, you feel frustrated because you know you can do better.
When you hear others talking about their digestive issues, sleep problems, fatigue, migraines, high blood pressure – and the list goes on – you know exactly what they mean.  “Shall I see a GP?“ – you ask yourself regularly but no response other than a headache comes.
You feel like you do loads but never get anywhere. Whenever someone asks how you are, “I am busy” is your typical response. You feel consumed by everyday responsibilities and it feels like you never have enough time to spend with your loved ones. You get easily anxious, irritated and crabby at family gatherings and that makes you feel more frustrated. You feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster and not in control any more.

What if there was another way?

Imagine that you feel calm, relaxed and more at ease again.
You sleep better, you wake up refreshed, excited to get out of bed and start the day each morning. You can make it through the day without 4 espressos and that afternoon dip at around 3pm. You’re also able to focus more at work and no longer worry that you’ll miss an appointment or forget your colleague’s name or the key figures from the latest report.
Your headaches are less severe and less frequent so your brain feels clearer and you are more in control again. You feel less anxious and don’t get overwhelmed easily.  When you occasionally do, you know how to stop it before it spirals out of control.
You’re more understanding with your friends and family and you actually enjoy their company. Weekdays feel less demanding and you look forward to making plans for and spending the weekend together.
You worry less about the future, enjoy being in the present and have fun. You’re thriving; feel more confident about yourself and your friend just told you that ‘you are a great example to others’.

Do any of these sounds familiar
  • You wonder why you lost interest in activities you previously enjoyed and why you can’t switch off your working brain over the weekends and during holidays
  • You have difficulty to concentrate; you miss or can’t recall key information and you are afraid these will lead you to losing your job
  • You dread Sunday evenings as you can’t fall asleep and Mondays are always a struggle
  • Your relationships are in trouble – you don’t have enough time to spend with your spouse, feel irritable when your kids are around and you no longer enjoy time spent with family and friends
  • You feel like you are doing loads of things but don’t get anywhere or making progress. You started to question your skills, talents and abilities and don’t know where to start and how to fix the issues.

I am a Wellbeing and Stress Resilience Consultant who works with high achieving busy professionals on the verge of burnout. You might be confused about how to tackle it, feel frustrated because of your sleep issues, and are afraid all the stress and anxiety will affect your performance, relationships and make you sick.

As a result of this programme you will
  • Become more aware of your triggers and early warning signs, so you can act earlier instead of pushing yourself further to (mental, physical, emotional) exhaustion
  • Get a toolkit of simple stress solutions related to your chosen topics so you feel more in charge and can enjoy everyday activities more, have fun and feel
  • You will know what to do and how to practice the relaxation exercise so you benefit the most from it. You will learn how to recharge your batteries so you have enough energy to go through the day
  • Feel less stressed and anxious so focusing on the task at hand will be easier, consequently your performance at work will gradually improve
  • Become calmer and more content so your relationships start to improve – what was a row before becomes a conversation about different viewpoints
This package includes

Tracking triggers
Upon registration you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire. This is your first step to gain clarity about what causes your overwhelm. Your responses will help me tailor your session for your needs.

Taking action
Your private your stress resilience consultation – 75-min session

We’ll meet for a 75-minute online session to discuss your stressors and how they show up in your everyday life. You’ll learn an easy relaxation exercise and leave with a toolkit of simple stress solutions so that you’re armed with practical tips and tricks to feel more in charge, calm and balanced.

After the consultation you’ll get an email with the description of the relaxation exercise. This will serve you as a reference point when you want to check how to practice again. A few days later you’ll get your stress less plan including the 5 top tips related to the issues we’ve been talking about during the session. This plan will help you focus on how to reduce stress in the coming weeks.

Keep going
After trying out your plan and relaxation exercise for 10-14 days we’ll meet again for a 30-minute follow up session to discuss your experiences. You’ll share what is going well and what has been challenging. Prepare any questions you might have about the practice or about how you’re feeling – we’ll adjust your personalised plan as needed so you know how to keep going.

It is possible to feel at ease again instead of struggling through the day.

Price: £90

Let’s get started

Step 1
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Step 2
Within 24 hours of completing the assesment form you’ll receive a confirmation email from me with details about processing payment and instructions for booking your session.
Step 3
Then we will have your session and get you started on your stress resilience journey.

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