Three minute simplicity

aka Resources
The following writings and videos will take you no more than 3 minutes to read / watch. They provide thoughtful tips and tricks on a variety of topics such as change management, stress management, emotional resilience, sleep and insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks, pregnancy and relaxation.

Befriending stress

befriending-stress-1Befriending stress
stress-ted-talkThis is my body helping me rise to this challenge… 
de-stress-your-relationshipsDe-stress your relationships
busyness-addiction-1Is busyness and addiction?
The seven types of rest that every person needs

Change management

2017I am willing to change
chinese-proverbIf we do not change our direction…
acceptance-1Change is not something you do
motivational-conflictsMotivational conflicts
lasting-change-1Making lifestyle changes that last

Sleep and Insomnia

The sleep issue
How to sleep better – ebooklet
Eight Facts about Sleep

Pregnancy and relaxation

pregnancy1A labour of love
baby-fveet1A pregnant pause for thought

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